Friday, November 10, 2017

When the Lady Breaks by Faith Smith

When the lady breaks, she is broken forever
She cannot turn back, for there she lay in never
She dances on the tips of something called misery
For her entire life she was made to be leery

When the lady breaks, she is broken forever
Her life changes like the pull of a lever
She can’t control what is being undone
She crosses her fingers, and hopes for none

When the lady breaks, she is broken forever
She is forgotten like a lone endeavor
She is misplaced by emptiness inside
She is forgotten and put aside like pride

When the lady breaks, she is broken forever
She can’t help herself; she thought she was being clever
She thought that her world would be great
But turns out, it is nothing but fake

When the lady breaks, she is broken forever

Friday, October 27, 2017

Charlottesville by Nasty Woman Newsletter Gang

To be an American
Part 1
(Faith Smith)

August 11 th to August 12 th , 2017…Charlottesville, Virginia…what a shame. Earlier in the week I was asked by my Humanity’s teacher at my high school what it means to be an American, and you know what I said? To me, an American is someone who doesn’t have the mentality of the stereotypical society we live in today. As an American, you are okay with adjusting to change fairly quickly and you accept all different races, religions, political viewpoints ,etc. that this country has to offer. You have a free mindset, hence America being named the “land of the free.” An American looks like you and me—not seeing any color, income differences, etc. Then my teacher proceeded to ask if I had ever felt ashamed to be an American. My first reaction was to not say anything, because I didn’t know. I never thought about that before, so I didn’t have an answer. However, that question stuck with me for the rest of the day, and I now know my answer…I am absolutely ashamed to connect the American name to my identity and the events that transpired on the weekend in Charlottesville and before only puts more explanation to my opinion. August 11 th , 2017,, according to the Washington Post, a group of white nationalists staged a torch lit march on the campus of the University of Virginia to burn down the statue of Thomas Jefferson. A group of about 30 students banded together—some of color and some White—to lock arms and protect the statue and the white nationalists made monkey noises at the Black counter protesters…When I read this, all I could think of was why? Why have we come to a world of so much hatred and dominance that we seek out violence and verbal abuse to make what we have to say matter? We live in a world today where it doesn’t matter about who you are and what makes you unique. It only matters if you’re white with an unlimited amount of power, and it saddens me. This country has never been perfect, but history is repeating itself ten times worse. When I was a little girl, I thought what I lived in was perfect. I thought I would never have to worry about a thing, I would always be protected and I would always feel loved wherever I go. Here we are years later and I’m beyond terrified, but I refuse to lay down and act like I’m ignorant to what is going on today. August 12 th , 2017, everything worsened. Riots broke out and there were basically three sides—white supremacists, alt. rights, and counter protesters. This was no longer about race, this was about power and once again, who really had it. White nationalists threw rocks, water bottles, tear gas, chemicals, and anything they could get their hands on at the other protestors. Most of my life, I tried to create a world of sunshine and roses in my head. A world where nothing goes wrong, no one gets hurt, and everyone cares for one another. I was na├»ve. The riots in Charlottesville only further proved how far off track we are. Instead of tearing each other down, we need to be building ties with one another to fight against what’s happening with the political system. While we’re killing off each other, Donald Trump is sitting in office basically declaring war with the Koreans. Not only does all of this disappoint me, but it angers me. Maybe I am crazy for ever thinking that we can all get along. That’s a long shot that I understand. However, what I can’t understand is why we’re ignoring what’s right in front of our faces. We can’t do better if we clearly don’t know better, and that’s a problem. We’re teaching future generations that this behavior, these beliefs, these lifestyles are okay when they’re clearly unethical. I can’t tell anyone what to think or what to believe, but I know what’s right and what will forever be wrong. We’re destroying ourselves, and until we see that we’re damaging this country faster than any president, any enemy, any outside influence can do—events like Charlottesville and Ferguson will continue to happen.

Invasion of the Tiki Torches
 Part 2
(Kaylia Walker)

“Black males are violent” “Black females have attitude problems” well, white people walk around with tiki torches and set things on fire but who’s pointing fingers, right? It’s amazing how black people cause problems by being black and white people are free to do whatever with no problems, better yet let’s point out how headlines say “white nationalists uses tiki torches to light up Charlottesville” instead of calling it what it really was, because personally I prefer to call it racist people...being racist, but you know, that’s just me and every other colored person I’ve had this conversation with. People who call this act of prejudice a march or a rally is the same people who says “racism doesn’t exist anymore” and that’s totally true, right? Thanks white people and sorry for being black and that my skin is so dark that it makes you uncomfortable. That’s what you all like to hear, right? It was an invasion of the tiki torches, should we be more afraid of the tikis or the white racist people yelling “niggers” and “unite the rite”? Black males are violent? Than what is a white racist?

The Bullshit Seen
Part 3
 (La’Quita Parker)

If you say we didn’t contribute to the land you call home , than that’s a lie. Claiming that this land is freedom but there are rules to oblige. Don’t be black and believe you're anything but cattle. Treated like a profit not a person or being like the others. And God forbid as minorities we stand together as one with more power than the white men behind the guns. Trust and believe our war is not won, it’s just begun. On the land that was built on the back of slaves and yet color is such a disgrace. Young black boys not even men yet will never reach the goals they set. And please don’t take offense to the words heard behind those white picket fence. As we struggle to make a living from the homes they think suits us. Project buildings rise to the 10 th floor with no way to escape when fire knocks at your door. Behold the mother who refuses to let her child mingle with the dark. But yet racism doesn’t exist. I laugh because that’s bullshit. You don’t see it because you don’t go through it or maybe you’re the one promoting it , so open your eyes and give us the right that we shall call rightfully mine. Stop claiming that you have 2 black friends as if that makes you sound less racist. Furthermore let's not forget the “N” word only seems restricted to you because 400 years ago it was used to oppress and abuse. We the brown , lovely , light skin, and dark are beautiful and don’t give a damn about being liked by the likes of you. You can choose to stand with us by all means but never forget that we .Share equal needs.

 Part 4
 (La’Kresha Parker)

Now here’s a story all about how a white man runs over a crowd,
 and I’d like to take a minute and sit right here
 and question why white men aren’t feared. 
….. In Maumee, Ohio gathered in fear white supremacist, are on their rear. 
Counter protesters run in fear cause a car, was coming near. 
37 people not in the clear. 
The car came crashing in their rear. 
…. Rushing on in came an ambulance 3 people were pronounced dead 34 they were injured.
 And who do you know was behind the wheel, 
A white man, looking to kill. 
James Alex Fields second degree murder of Charlottesville. 

The Defeat Speech
Part 5
 (Esperanza Flores)
As I reflect on what has been acted upon my flat tv, I can hear his words echoing amongst my ear drums. “Hatred, bigotry and violence..on many sides.”It caused a trigger in my mind. It blew me to pieces. Violence? Was police brutality not the cause of the birth of Black Lives Matter. Police brutality targeting Black Men is the issue and yet the other side seem to have a problem with people against violence. It doesn’t make sense to me. I have eyes too, I saw white men chasing after black men with wooden bats. I saw videos of black men getting jumped by the white supremacist. It reminded of those pictures I once saw on display in a civil rights museum. Horrid and petrifying. My bones grew so stiff and my blood froze still. I couldn’t believe it is happening again, yet I could believe it to be true. Must I remind trump that the Black Lives Matter protest started off in peace. Yet the police let white militias haunt the streets with different shapes and variations of firearms. Yet when a single black male roams the street unarmed they are hazardous because they’ll assume he automatically has a shotgun hidden in his pants. What was their wrong for protesting in peace? They did not protest with guns fully out on display. White supremacists found victory in his speech; the rest found a loss of hope in this country.

We Assemble; We Ignite
Part 6
(Nasty Woman Newsletter Gang)
So here is the deal, we won’t simply shut up and forget. We will speak in bold words and create stronger bonds with our peers. Though we may explore this country in fear that we may never have social justice, common respect, and be represented as human beings, we must stay patient and rowdy against our oppressors. For our day will come for power and justice to be equally distributed amongst every race. That way our country, our complex country, will become puzzled. But for now, the pieces are scattered, broken, and it continuously stays unfixed.

Friday, September 29, 2017

A Mindless Act by Esperanza Flores

I sat along the chipped windowsill in my Grandparents kitchen. I sat along the windowsill peering out at the sun set its lips upon the edge of earth. I was not in such mood for mouthing out words to pretend that I was okay. So I shut the luminous reflections out of my eyes for a split minute. And yet I found trouble with the shuffling of another's feet. I could tell it was my Grandfather by the sound of his feet pattering. A heavy scratch sliding his way across the torn floor to me. Tugging out the chair across, he began to babble and reminisce about his 20th century years. Fiddling his dry bare fingers, he started out by speaking about the Steel Mill. Through his exertions he received nothing but racism. 12
As a refugee he was always a castaway in the midst of the working class. It was such a shame to see men who share the same color blood act  inhumane toward another. He could only earn respect if he ,in some magical world, morphed into some white man. Aren’t we all innate people, created by the cycle of life? All the same but different ideologies and color. So what? Do they, you, or anyone need to suck someone else's dignity out of their corpse due to their color?
There is no justified reason for such belligerent behavior. We are not reckless animals savaging around towns to take folks down. In fact we are all are homo sapiens trying to get by in life. So why cause destruction when we are all trying to do the same?

Friday, September 22, 2017

Go Girl! by Kaylia Walker

Look at you girl, with your smile on your face waiting to take on the the world. Yeah look at you girl with your hardworking tail not giving a damn about what a man got to say. Yes! we see you girl or should I say woman, when you walk that tall walk with you swaying your hips, look at you, speaking that calm language with your soothing voice and words of confidence you're all we want to be, can’t you see the way we look when we look at you and see you walk when you walk or when you talk when you talk yeah, you go girl!

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Lady in a Glass Dress by Faith Smith

Meet the lady in the glass dress
Here lies her pain
She waltz inside the darkest room and you can still see her veins
Lady in the glass dress, where do you remain?
Do you realize that your journey is filled with nothing but depression?
Even the oppressed know that this is beyond stretching
And you are stressing

Lady in the glass dress, who are you?
Where lies your truth and what will get into you?
Where will you be?
Who will you become?
It seems to me as if your story will always remain undone
Your start is never your finish
And your end seems to be another beginning

Lady in the glass dress, what lies beyond thy self?
What is your worth?
What can you become?
For that is unknown
You’re lost in the shadows, broken and disturbed
You’ve disappeared while life goes on around you
You’re in despair and sit in your sorrows that are supposed to be around you

Lady in the glass dress, guess what, I am you
You’re apart of me that I just can’t shake loose
You’ve become my weakness, something I see straight through
Against all odds, I still have you
I want you gone because you can’t stay
But even when I try to push you away you still remain my biggest mistake
And my motivation and self esteem as a young woman all gets erased

Thursday, July 13, 2017

A Real King by Kaylia Walker

Maybe my skin is a little too dark for your taste, maybe my hair is a little too big to fit your liking, maybe my crooks and curves isn't in the exact place that pleases you but who are you to judge me? See I am a queen fit for any king no matter race or religion but you, you are not a real king because a real king doesn't judge the young queens of the world based off her physical a real king thinks about her spiritual. A real king doesn't see her race as a problem nor a situation that has to be "fixed" A real king is mindless too the darkness of his queen because a real king knows that what Tupac Skakur said is true that "the blacker the berry the sweeter the juice and the darker the flesh the deeper the roots" so if you're not a real king, what are you?

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

To the Woman Who Got it Wrong by Gabrielle Gousman

Dear Woman,
What is your problem?
Who taught you that your only purpose
Is to please ‘the Man’?
Was it your mother and her mother before her?
Were you brainwashed by society?
Or maybe you learned from all the men in your life.
Dear Woman,
Who told you you only matter when you look ‘attractive’?
That you can only be heard with your clothes off?
That your privates are the best part of you?
Dear Woman,
Who taught you to be seen and not heard?
To shrink into yourself until you’re almost not there at all?
Who taught you not to take up His space too much?
Dear Woman,
Who taught you not to love yourself?
Who taught you not to take solidarity in other women?
That loving another woman, even loving yourself,
Is wrong.
I was taught that He is the problem.
That Man is the enemy and Women are saviors.
I was taught by the women before me.
I was taught Sisterhood,
Love of woman kind.
I was taught the bitterness of a woman to a man.
Dear Woman,
Which one of us got it wrong?