Wednesday, March 8, 2017

A letter to my girls

Dear Nasty Women,

I want to take international woman's day as an opportunity to thank you. Your art, ideas,and everything about you is amazing. I also want to share some things I know to be true about you so that you can read this if you ever need a reminder.  
Firstly,do you even know how cool you are? Right now you may think you are just 6 girls in your teacher's room after school writing, talking, and goofing around. But, you are so incredibly cool. You are sharing your thoughts with the world, and talking about things that matter. That is the coolest. Never listen to anyone who tells you differently. They do not know the magic of art, ideas, and girls who have fire in their souls to make this world more loving. 
There are two reasons why older people say that children are the future. 1. It is most literally true; generations will die and newer generations will replace them. 2. The youth are the only ones still imaginative enough to believe that changing the world is possible. Without your ideas there is no future (at least one worth living in). Never loose that youthful ambition, doing so will make you jaded and give you wrinkles.  I totally still believe changing the world is possible (that's why I have no wrinkles), and I know for a fact that each of you are going to create that change. People will call you a dreamer or naive, take it as a compliment and ignore them.
That might feel like pressure, and being brilliant and creative is a burden. However, never forget that by just being you, you are changing the world for the better every day.  As women society loves to put the weight of the world on our shoulders and when we fail, we feel like we failed everyone. You did not. Just by trying you are 100% better than the man who did not even attempt it. All the pressure can compress you and make you hard to the people and the system. Fight that pressure with love. After all, loving is the most rebellious act. The world is so afraid of what a woman could do with the power of genuine self-love  that it has tricked us into believing we aren't worth loving and that loving is a sign of weakness. Love yourself. Love others. Love who you please. Love this world and the people in it enough to protect what is sacred and fight for what is right. 

I think you are persistent, strong, smart, and everything I want my future daughter to be. I am proud to teach you, and honored to carry this world with you. 

With love,
Ms. Nicholson 

Tuesday, March 7, 2017


This land was made for the straight white man. None other. It's based on hypocrisy, lies, and unfulfilled promises. Why set guidelines when people in power can not follow the constitution and or abuse it? Why create a constitution solely meant for one gender and race? It became an invitation reserved for the pale masculinity.
How can a country be referred to “the land of the free?” There are Muslims, Mexicans, Blacks, Natives, Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals and  Transgenders who are in a constant state of fear. This land is only free to the ones who took it away. To those who committed genocide. And the ones who were victims are still in slaved. Stripped to our bare skin and walking through a fog. Fending for our lives.
How can there be a slogan that sums up that this country was great for EVERYONE. “Make America Great Again.” What time in America was ever great? The invasion among the Natives? Maybe when slaves were out picking cotton? When women were treated as lesser than a disabled dog on three limbs? Or when every colored human being would have to fight for everything that was taken away from them? Education, rights, and their own life. When an entire religion was/is being blamed for someone else's actions? All the way to the LGBTQ being denied access to marriage and dining in? So tell me what time is this slogan speaking of?
This land in which we call free and great is at the boiling point. This country is a paper with smudges filled with a variety of colors. And now comes the whiteout.
-AzĂșcar Mind

Thursday, March 2, 2017

I Welcome you with Open Arms by Kaylia Walker

Welcome to my laboratory, where I keep my eldest secrets, a place that knows more about me then I know myself, welcome to the place that holds my self doubts and the place who remembers every single flaw apart of me, welcome to the place that holds my insecurities, the place that reminds me that even though I am in America, the land of the free me myself has limited freedom,  to the place where people words haunts me, the place that has no boundaries, welcome to the place that picks me apart inch by inch and show the raw form of me, the place that always lets me know that I am a female in the dark who's scared to really glow not because of what people questions, comments or concerns might be but simply because I am a female and supposedly, according to society I am not allowed to break from my strict role, welcome to my mind, where I can never forget, welcome to my cell where I can never escape, I welcome you with open arms to see where the hatred for my gender lives, I welcome you into my own personalized hell.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Sonnet by TaTyana Carter

What makes you a woman?
Don't answer I'll tell you.
We have real "value,"
To the ones we call the "man."

What makes you a woman?
When sometimes they fail you,
And they always seem to hurt you.
But you always lay your heart in their hands.

Waiting for something from them.
Awaiting the change
From the time you have given him.

But isn't it strange,
After all the time you've given him
He always stays the same.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

This is my cry for HELP by Laquita Parker

Don’t try to oppress me
I am strong
I am crazed due to damage
My thoughts are dark
My heart is bright
Yet still I am tempted to strike
Emotions flow and shift
I am out of control
For what I believe conflicts with my actions
I want to speak up
I want to exhale
But I am abused by who I am
No one really sees the pain I carry
I hide from those who care
Am I scared to admit my fears
Do I hide behind blackened glass
This is my cry for help
Hear me screech my doom
Reach out to me
But do not disrespect me
Everything is tempting and yet I step back
Help is what I want
Help is what I seek
No one hears me scream
No one hears me plead
I am crying for help begging you
You walk away
Does my forever pain offend you
If I speak would you stay
This is my cry for help
But you probably didn’t listen anyway

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Untitled by Endeah Huey

I know what the problem is, she is congested. Sick with the flu, with aches and pains demolishing every blood cell that is set to fight for her. They are doomed because of her thrill to touch. They are doomed because her finger tips danced along the brim of every indulgence. She lived in the moment. No mere future or past could interpret her  captured moment. That is how her blood cells were doomed. The day when she lived in the moment and died.
But the moment was not hers. The moment did not belong to her. The moment was not meant for her. It was not meant for her the second she couldn't breath. The very second she could taste the vile and feel it in between her legs. It seemed as though it was everything she had dreamed about every night. With a teddy bear to cuddle with and a pillow to clutch on to. To her It was more than just a dream because it was meant to be lived.
So, there she was, with her moment, but never thought about what happens next,
What to do.... next. Next is such a scary word for someone who doesn't know what that means for them. It's so scary because it's an aggressive attack on the moment. It unveils everything she was comfortable with knowing. It uncovers everything she knows until she knows nothing at all. 
She lives with the flu, but something  phenomenal happens, 
The flu isn't the flu anymore, but it instead becomes encrypted into the vessels of her consciousness. It is a reminder of that moment, it will continue to live in her consciousness until her moment, is actually fulfilled.
But that is what made her, someone else. She died when she discovered that the moment, did not belong to her. It died once she realized that everyone is armed with moments and they utilize these moments to kill one another and also themselves.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Conquer Hate by Jalen McIntosh (Modern Sonnet)

There is much hate on this Earth,
Is there a way to conquer it?
The truth is that hate has been here since its birth,
But is there a way to remove hate it by bit?

Everyday in this world we witness hate,
Rivals from coast to coast, hate comments under Facebook posts.
How to stop this hate spawns a huge debate,
Hatred is what I hate the most.

For a world without hate is very much impossible,
For peace and love cannot exist without it.
But a world where peace and love outweighs hate is plausible,
To reduce the shadows, a brighter light we must emit.

For it is conceivable, feasible, reasonable.
Allowing hate to rule us is indefeasible.